An Intriguing Fiasco

Written by Clint Johnson

I’ve always been a big fan of Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco.


 It’s simple to learn, simple to run, and a great introduction to the concept of role-playing.  I’ve run Fiasco every year at IntrigueCon and have always had a lot of fun doing so.  I will run it again this year but we’ve decided to add a little something to the mix.  We (yes, that includes you) are going to built a “playset”.

What is this playset that I (and by I, I mean you) have been conscripted to construct, you (and by you, I mean you) may ask?  Fiasco uses lists of Relationships, Needs, Objects, and Locations as touchstones around which to craft a story.  These lists are centred around a theme or genre and are called playsets.  Most playsets are inspired by movies and TV shows and can be played for comedy, action, or drama.


Glory is fleeting but obscurity lasts forever


This quote by Napoleon (Bonaparte, not Dynamite) is this year's theme.  Rather than set the playset in a historically accurate post-Revolutionary France, we (and by we in this particular case I don’t mean you nor me if I’m honest) have decided to build it around the concept of time travel.  Think ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, ‘Time Cop’, Back to the Future’, and ‘Quantum Leap’. Even ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ or ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’.

The playset's general premise will be of people working for an organisation dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the timeline.  Hilarity, action, or drama ensues.

Not only will we (and I do mean we) create a playset but we (see previous we) will also use this playset on Sunday in a game of Fiasco.  Also, in addition to this, a PDF of the playset will also be available on the website, free gratis.


Download the Playset

Created 2017-09-11 20:33:39