Friday May 3rd to Saturday May 4th.
Klaatu barada nikto
Sun, Surf, Hook Handed Killers, Murder Mermaids, and giant Sharks .... Just another Spring Break.
Welcome to South Beach ... hope you brought a towel.
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Spring Break down at South Beach, Sun, Sand, Surf, oh yeah and some supernatural creepy crawlies just to ruing the day!

So after the disaster that was your new years winter camping trip, spring break was a shoe in. Heading down to South Beach for some sun surf and sand.

A hunters Job is never done. There is a certain amount of weird that is normal at these events. Drugs, Drinking, college students there is always something that is going on.

When scary campfire stories about hook-handed serial killers and deadly murder mermaids start coming through it becomes clears something much darker is going on here. It seems that a quiet vacation with some fun in the sun is not quite in the cards.

Grab your gear and buckle up. Its time to take the hunt to the monster before spring break is canceled in the bloodiest way possible. I mean what's worse than a shark attack at South Beach? Maybe we don't want to find out ...