Friday May 3rd to Saturday May 4th.
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Timeslot 2
10am to 2pm

Fall-oot : Fort Deadmonton Park

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The Three Laws of Robotics can bite our shinny metal asses.

Crush Kill Destroy

You are a robot, one of any number of mechanoids that survived the Great War of 2077.  For the past 90 or so years, you have been deactivated, nestled in your charging pod at Beaverland Heritage Park.  The park itself was sponsored by Solpar, Canada's leading energy corporation until its hostile takeover by Poseidon Energy in 2046.  Poseidon continued to sponsor the park and made several changes including the replacement of all human staff (aside from senior management and a few maintenance workers) with fully autonomous robots.  The robot’s exteriors were simply shoddy copies of the bestselling models of both RobCo and General Atomics and lacked their polish and elegant design.  But what was truly amazing was their programming as exemplified by the park’s AI overseer - AMIS (Advanced Mechatronic Information System).  

AMIS has had the park locked down since the day the bombs fell and all robots ‘sleeping’ safely inside.  Only the facility’s automated laser turrets are operational, mercilessly mowing down the unfortunate humans, magpies, and coyotes that venture too close.  Today, October 8, 2167, AMIS activates you and your cybernetic cohorts with a mission of dire importance...