Friday May 3rd to Saturday May 4th.
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Timeslot 1
7pm to 11pm

Friday Night Frenzy

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High-flying and electrifying action in the ICON Wrestling League

Where legends are made!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Friday Night Frenzy!!  Live for the hundreds in attendance and for the tens of thousands watching online worldwide!

No champion reigns unchallenged!  No insult is left unanswered! No one gets a free ride!  This week's Frenzy is being broadcast LIVE from Edmonton where the underhanded 'Mr. Indestructible' puts his Paragon title up for grabs!

Tonight sees an eight man tournament with the winner getting a shot at the champion of the City of Champions, the Gilded Goon from Glenora, Mr. Indestructible himself - Luuuuuuke Parker!  Which one of tonight's gladiators will leave their blood, sweat, and tears in the squared circle and earn a chance to become an ICON?