Get rich or die trying

An IntrigueCon rite of passage.

The ruined church still moulders North of Sſtabhmontown. Beneath, the dungeon is marked by the passage of many adventurers—come, leave yours in this complex, part-mapped by many previous expeditions.

The magic-user Ser Cleve has offered one thousand coins to whoever might open the great doors in the sea cliffs, and who knows what treasures may yet be stolen from the Ogress and her goblins, the jealous dwarves, or the dog-headed heretics seen about the hills.

Roll up a new character, or bring one from another old-school game this weekend!

Game Master: Adam Waldron-Blaine
System: OSR (Dungeons and Dragons as the good Lord intended it)
Advisory: Bring extra character sheets.
event_seat Maximum Players: 10