IntrigueCon, a History in Buttons: Part 3

April 24th, 2019
IntrigueCon, a History in Buttons: Part 3
Author: Daniel Hodges Category: Articles

Expansion and Consolidation 2016-2017...

IntrigueCon 2016
Having outgrown the Lansdowne Hall we moved to the Parkdale/Cromdale Hall. Although our attendance was up, 65 people came, we were told that the location of the event was a problem for more than a few potential attendees. Even so, we were very happy with the venue and the way the con ran in general. 2016 also featured the first theme This way to certain death.

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The third official year of the con marked the introduction of themes to the event. The first “This way to certain death!”  was not as heavily publicized as it should have been (we didn’t really do it at all) but we had one, by gum, and it played into our first theme button.

21n-lrzQAofUa-wlMzpMwEIO7smw6_bM9DuGdJqmGUjDqtgRU6ZBwcdn17aIUyaj_-gumGnkSWZrz1NC4JbuwTlY6hSnvoxJDpoxVroCg_T4Om9wgKFTW31yjw-1NoAGeocUy9ai2016 GM
Judge… and if we’re honest, jury and executioner. The 2016 GM’s were encouraged to work in the theme for the year (see above) and some really embraced the idea. GM Graeme Comyn won the award for “most deaths”  in his game of Operation: Fallen Reich where he killed everyone… and their dog… twice.

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Like the ancient Greeks, IntrigueCon recognises only four elements. Attendees of the first four conventions received a button infused with these elements so they might better carry the power of the con through to next year and beyond.

N_ReFVrY9lrJDTdcns4nd5doPbLC0GxE6qslu_JHklZtkwZFqUpkHKaHnnW0YKhwiC-p3ZLGXw5EeMwcYP7EJhrViCNPTLFYiugzNd2XXET-j1OhZILB_gMQwIWxY-I2sMpQiz5o2016 DEATH
The theme for the con was used as the basis for the first IntrigueCon bingo. “This way to certain death” inspired the Death button which was awarded to people who completed their bingo card.


IntrigueCon 2017
It's 2017 and we were in our third building in three years. This time we had intentionally gone for a venue as close to the middle of Edmonton as we could without looking at commercial spaces. The Queen Alexandra Community Hall fitted us perfectly and it, apparently, fitted attendees too with over 80 showing up for the weekend, comfortably the largest turnout yet.

Our theme this year: "Glory is Fleeting but obscurity lasts forever."

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Convention 5 but button four. It's an easter-egg for those who've read this far. Enjoy! You're welcome.

D2hfBnJyE5tLNsnppUwoUdiV2KVW_IvOjzisDMDvaKjimIV9GmuyFCEtCfMkHAQWnKHqurt7k17xhSkQO5ejh9mZbbkpK_Ogpb7oT44gC7PEeDaYxK5qZW1lldNF7Gnkpkx94e9v2017 GM
A button and a mini-map! It's a double threat in paper and metal. Awarded to people who ran or facilitated games at IntrigueCon 2017.

Probably one of the most important aspects of promoting the con is word of mouth. The third of our permanent buttons, it's awarded to anyone who brings a friend with them  to IntrigueCon.

KBlE4YkGO_2828XeAPHDOpEeC6uJW682zdJEw9lJErxRd-QNSh7TMoAEVH4jLwtUH5t-v8ddV3CnVABobT-YConze4vNXRmLuo7YX87iU7HqmkY0zfdZ8CYB8RDIN74nOLZsCH-HI Cthu-Cthu-Cthoose You!
Over the years a lot of Call of Cthulhu has been run at the con, probably more than any other game. This perma-button is awarded to anyone who takes their chances with the Great Old Ones.

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Taken from the Napoleon quote, the theme this year was an inducement for players to do the most interesting things they could with their characters. Although it was the theme for 2017, it's a great way to approach every con game in every year.
Fun Fact: that says "i 4" over the little fellas right shoulder rather than 14, as a reference to Bastille day.
Fun Fact about the fun fact: Napoleon was of average height for his time.

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A signifier that the possessor has attended all five of October conventions. Each year there are fewer and fewer of us until there will be only, well, four, or something.

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Three year either in a row or altogether. Posessors of this button have attended three of the October events.