IntrigueCon, a History in Buttons: Part 4

April 24th, 2019
IntrigueCon, a History in Buttons: Part 4
Author: Daniel Hodges Category: Articles

2018, Spring is in the air at last...

SpringCon 2018
Although we'd talked about doing it for years (and did it in a minor way in 2014) 2018 was the first year we committed. 

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The Fellowship of the Spring was a return to our roots in a way. Held in Lansdowne Community Hall we set a maximum attendance of 52, which we comforatably filled. What a difference a few years makes. The event's success bodes well for the future of a regular spring con.


IntrigueCon 2018
Our 6th annual convention saw us return to Queen Alexandra Community Hall and another substantial bump in attendance. We had 87 souls on board this time beating our last record comfortably and still heading in the right direction.

2018 had already been a year of firsts with our first Spring event but we didn't