Spring Con 2018 By The Numbers

September 12th, 2018
Spring Con 2018 By The Numbers
Author: Daniel Hodges Category: Uncategorized

The Fellowship of the Spring


Thanks everyone for making The Fellowship of the Spring such a success.

I have to admit we weren’t sure if people could be coaxed back indoors, especially after the interminable winter.

Boy were we wrong. You guys really came out and showed your support for tabletop roleplaying games in a big way. We’re pretty grounded chaps, not given to reading signs in things (unless they’re part of our extispicicious rituals, obviously) but it’s an encouraging endorsement of holding a “mid-year” event like this in future.

The success of this specific con aside, in a wider sense it’s a great sign of the vitality of roleplaying in Edmonton in general. Yay you!

So, … by the numbers


Attendance 52 (SOLD OUT!)

1st-timers 24

Games Run 30

Systems Played 22

Games Played 137

Hours Gamed    408


What does that mean in the context of the goals we set out in 2013?

We will not lose any money
We achieved this, thanks in no small part to some unexpected benefactors. You know who you are! After the dust settles we’ll probably have a bit over $100 to add to our money from last October. As alway, this will be put towards sprucing up the next con. In ghindsight, we could have assumed a bit more risk by using a larger venue but we thought using a smaller one and filling it in our first SpringCon was preferable.


We Will Grow By 10-15% Each Year
It’s a little difficult to gauge this without a Spring 2017 for comparison. Maybe next year we can address this. Of course, if we're going to take SpingCon 2014 into account we're up %500.


We Will Be Explicitly Inclusive
It was nice to hear that, for some attendees this explicit inclusivity was a major selling point and we hope to continue building on this. Anecdotally, we had a 20/80 female/male split, which is an improvement on our previous cons but we’d still like to edge higher.

Diversity and inclusivity is not just about gender though, and in terms of cultural diversity we’re not sure of a fair metric to apply. It’s really more about our ignorance of the demographics of the hobby in our catchment, so if anyone’s interested in a masters thesis subject we have just over $100 to sponsor a study. Joking aside, purely anecdotally, probably not well. The struggle continues...


We Will Encourage New Roleplayers
Home run! We had 24 first-time con attendees out of 52 and of those, many were new to the hobby. We’re pretty proud of that.


We Will Encourage The Widest Range Of Roleplaying Systems Possible
Again we did well here. Lots of systems and lots of people trying new things.


We Will Encourage Variety In The Gaming Experiences Offered
Varietyy was off the charts. We had only three games more than once: Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Fate, and Sand and then two, two and three, respectively. Our best variety yet.

We're also well aware that variety isn't the same thing as the current useage of diversity. We're going to add this to the details we track from con to con.


So, all things considered, The Fellowship of the Spring was a success. There are some obvious areas to work on and a few clear things we can do to address those deficiencies.

Upgrading to user accounts and improved access to communication will be our priorities in the run up to October. We’re having a good hard look at how to implement a new goal: We will support local content. Stay tuned for how this pans out.

Thanks again, and see you on the October 12th!


Daniel H