Friday Oct 12th to Sunday Oct 14th.
... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.
A Very Chilly New Years
A crazy cold monster hunt, no better way to bring in the New Year
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A hunter's work is never done, And you thought you could get away for a little winter camping over the new years

The promise of a New Years party, crazy winter camping and college students in the Montana wilds sounded like an amazing way to ring int the new year. You and your College buddies felt just fine heading out of the town to a few nights. Get away from the weird and wild stuff around campus, get drunk with  friends seems like a no brainer.

The bad weather isn't going to get in the way. When something larger than the biggest bear you have ever seen rams your van off the road maybe it was a sign, but, you were practically at silent lake national park. You weren't going to let an ornery bear stop your fun.

Once kids started going missing and strange noises started coming from the bush you knew ... a hunters work is never done.  Unlucky for you something wicked this way comes, but luckily enought you and your friends, just might be able to handle it.