Friday Oct 12th to Sunday Oct 14th.
... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.
The Super Role Playing Game
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The Edmonton Chronicles - The Allure of the Golden Statue

The Heroes have been called to the site of a robbery by the EPS and tasked with entering the building, discovering who is robbing the place, and dealing with them with as little destruction of people and property as possible.

What they find are some familiar faces, trying to steal a Golden Statue.  At this point the question is twofold: Why are the Champions in Edmonton, why are they stealing this strange statue, and what are they wearing? Okay the question is threefold, maybe fourfold, if you include issues with counting.

Will the Heroes be able to stop another Premier Super Hero Team from becoming even bigger criminals than they already appear to be? Will they figure out why the Golden Statue is so alluring they'd damage their reputation to have it?  Will they be able to do this without bringing the building down around their ears?

Come Play to Find Out!