Friday Oct 12th to Sunday Oct 14th.
... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.
A Rapport with Reptilians
Kobolds, and Spiders, and Frostbite, oh my!
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The Blizzard is gone but winter still remains.

The Parish of Mekellut has definitely seen better days.  None that you can remember, though.  During the last days of the Rule of Kings, your parish 's lord, the local cleric, and a strange wandering witch sealed your village away from the Blight which eats away at the living world.  This cost the parish's lord Sir Dawid his life but some of his people could live on.  Winter started with a mystical blizzard that threatened to wipe out the remaining survivors but a small group of villagers dispatched this threat.  This didn't solve all the problems Mekellut faced, however.  

The village is in dire need of heat and food.   The Blight has made wild game scarce.  The talk has turned to eating the seed grains stored for next year's planting since next spring won't matter if everyone starves to death.  Lawspeaker Yagil Argov (the village's priest and de facto leader since Sir Dawid's death without a legitimate heir) meditates on the scrolls all day and night but is unable to come to a solution.  Remona Elath (the witch who lives on the edge of the village) has an answer - the Kobolds of Bukisah Cave.

A group of kobolds has taken up residence in the cavern complex on the north side of the Sheltif River opposite the village.  They are being harrassed by the giant spiders who are trying to drive out these newcomers.  The caverns contain coal and an edible fungus which the kobolds have agreed to harvest for the village if they can end the threat posed by the spiders.  

This is a "continuation" of Winter in Mekellut.  You do not need to have played in that game do sign up for this one; merely that the events of this game follow this one.  Characters created in Winter in Mekellut will be available to be played in