IntrigueCon 8

Friday Oct 15th to Sunday Oct 17th.
Every good adventure starts with a bad idea
We’ve all heard that the journey is more important than the destination. As gamers though we know that that is simply not true.

Getting to the dungeon, stealing the loot, and then stabbing the rest of the party in the back so that you don’t have to share it, is far more important than the random wandering monsters rolls along the way. 

Still, there is the thorny issue of where exactly that mountain on the treasure map is, and if that ancient dragon coiled upon the mounds of gold is to scale or not. It’s almost certainly just an artistic license thing. There’s probably not even a dragon. Mapmakers, amirite! 

It’ll be fine. I mean it’d be handy to have a bit more muscle at our disposal, and a bit more armour wouldn’t hurt, maybe a guy to sneak in there would be a wise edition but it’ll be totally fine. 


Get in. Get out, Get Rich.

Easy. Right?


Meadowlark Community League Hall
15961 92 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
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