Friday Oct 15th to Sunday Oct 17th.
Every good adventure starts with a bad idea
The Misery Trumpets
Members of the Northern Vermont Hiking Society go for a hike up a local mountain and step into . . .
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The Northern Vermont Hiking Society is going for a hike up a local mountain. What they discover is ???

After a summer of nightmares and bad dreams, the local members of the Northern Vermont Hiking Society go up a local mountain to get some fresh air.  

They are:

Petal “Starflower” McCall – Local gossip, aging hippie, and overprotective mother. Her husband Chuck McCall left her 15 years ago. She still hasn’t forgiven him.

Lewis Wolfsong McCall – Petal’s son, a juvenile delinquent who’d rather chase girls than climb mountains. He hates his hippie home life and rebels against it any way he can.

Ernie Montgomery – Elderly outdoorsman and trail leader, a long-time local who secretly believes he’s from another world.

Jack Kettle – Retired and overweight engineer dating Petal. A man of reason and a lover of classic sci-fi.

Adrianna Souza – A folk musician from New York who's hiding something.

Xiulan Cheng – An intense university student from Hong Kong.


This game will be played using the Timewatch (Gumshoe) system.  There won't be any time travel in this version, although the main system does support it.  Pregens will be provided.  Required equipment:  pencil.  1D6.