IntrigueCon Spring 2022

Friday May 6th to Saturday May 7th.
The Return of the Spring
In any moment of decision the worst thing you can do… is nothing.

It’s that time of year: Spring! Which means lambs, the sound of leather on willow, and daffodils. At least it does to me. As we're here in Canada I should probably say its the time of dirty roads, windscreen chips, and IntrigueCon's Spring Convention.

It's so good to be back! Thank you for the support and encouragement, by chance, brings us to a quote from The Return of the King you might like to consider when writing your games and playing your characters this convention- 

And yet their wills did not yield, and they struggled on.


Wait, what is IntrigueCon? 

We're a not-for-profit tabletop roleplaying convention based in Edmonton Alberta. We've been running once, or twice a year since 2013 and our goal has always been to provide a community event where people can get together, talk about our tiny hobby, and play games from Fiasco to Dungeons & Dragons.

So come join the community May 6th and 7th.

Meadowlark Community League Hall
15961 92 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
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