Friday May 6th to Saturday May 7th.
The Return of the Spring
Icons of the Arena
Ferocious and Spectacular Combat for Glory and Gold
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“The crowds are both grand and evil. They praise your name in one instant, and call for your head the next. They support you utterly, then betray your guts at the first sign of weakness. They raise you up, and are more than happy to let you drop.” - Baylus on the crowd 131 Days by Keith C. Blackmore

Welcome to the arena!


Hello! This will be somewhat of a playtest for my Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition arena supplement. It is in the final stages of development, but I need to get the chance to play it with a wide variety of people!

Icons of the Arena is focused on spectacular yet ferocious combat in an arena filled to the brim with bloodthirsty spectators, with warriors vying for their adoration and personal glory.

You will take on the role of an "Icon", a prized volunteer pit fighter seeking fame, glory, and gold for you and your company of heroes. You will then participate in one ore more bouts as well as explore the city in between your fights. It is focussed mostly on combat, with opportunity for roleplaying during the downtime section. If you've played Blades in the Dark, it operates very similarly to that game, except with a bout of combat instead of a score.

If you'd like to read up on the rules more you can find my entire, mostly finished write up here.


If you'd like to create a character ahead of time, you are more than welcome to, just please follow these guidelines:

  • 3rd level character
  • Any origin, class, or background
  • Point buy or standard array ability scores
  • Standard equipment


Please don't hesitate to reach out on discord if you have any further questions: Mack#6209