Friday Oct 14th to Sunday Oct 16th.
The Prophecy Is Fulfilled
Dune - Harvesters of Dune
Investigate the poor spice harvesting productivity of the carryall known as "The Grief"
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Restore spice mining productivity to improve your House's profits and reputation in the Imperium.

House Calway has noticed a crisis threatening the House's profits this year: one of their flying carryalls, and its small fleet of ground-based harvesters - has a poor spice productivity record. The carryall in question is named after a historical Harkonnen lord: the Graf Von Dreissen, but its crew know it as "The Grief". 

As agents of the House, you have been dispatched to the carryall in order to discover the cause of the Grief's poor productivity and to take whatever actions are necessary to eliminate problems and improve matters.