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The Prophecy Is Fulfilled
The Dawn and the Darktide
The prophecy was fulfilled... and then the world ended
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"For out of darkness, light shall rise, and they who come will heal that which was broken" - Votana Crestkeeper, High Priestess of the Solaris Shrine

For centuries, the power of the Rune of Peace secured order and harmony among the nations and peoples of Eonorum. Then one day, the Rune was shattered during a conflict between the Peacekeeper and a malevolent entity known as the Scion of Shadows. Both the Peacekeeper and the Scion of Shadows were destroyed in their battle, and the broken fragments of the Rune of Peace were scattered across Eonorum. Without the power of the Rune, hatred, greed, and malice began to spread across the land, and for over a century the entire face of Eonorum was one continual scene of war and bloodshed. In the midst of these dark times the gods sent a prophecy, one that foretold of a group of heroes who would one day mend the Rune and return peace to the land.

Thirty years ago, a group of adventurers known as the Silver Band journeyed across Eonorum, collected the fragments of the Rune of Peace, and brought them together again, fulfilling the prophecy - or so it seemed. Just as the Rune of Peace was restored, one of the members of the Silver Band betrayed their comrades and infused the Rune with the power of a Demon Prince of the Abyss. Chaotic and malevolent energy then spread across all quarters of Eonorum, birthing foul creatures, dark entities, and unspeakable horrors, in an event that has come to be known as the Darktide.

As chaotic evil forces began to rise, the people of Eonorum united as one people and mustered their combined forces in an effort to turn back the Darktide, but the power of the corrupted Rune proved too great, and the people of Eonorum were forced to retreat. Those who have survived since the Darktide dwell within heavily fortified cities and hidden sanctuaries, managing just barely to scrape out a meager existence in a land of darkness and death.

You are a Dawnrunner, one of the few who are skilled enough and brave enough to venture forth into the open world and face its dangers. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of other Dawnrunners like yourself, it is believed that the location of the corrupted Rune of Peace has been found. A small team, including yourself, has been tasked with finding the corrupted Rune and destroying whatever power is tethering it to the Abyss - even if it means destroying the Rune.

Create your own character. Guidelines are: - Level: 5 - Races: Any official 5e. When you select a race with attributed bonuses, you can apply those bonuses to any attribute rather than those described. You cannot apply two sets of bonuses to the same attribute.

Ability Scores: Roll 4d6 drop the lowest, repeat 7 times and drop the lowest

Hit Points: Roll for hit points, if you roll less than the average value, take the average value

Alignment: Good or neutral, no evil characters