Friday Oct 14th to Sunday Oct 16th.
The Prophecy Is Fulfilled
Create Your Own Adventure: Saviours Edition - Session One: Darkness Veils the World
Create the world, then play the game.
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Dive into spontaneity and exploration in this IntrigueCon X special two-part game session where we will build the map to an environment using the Quiet Year, then play through a session based on the lore and world-building established by the map and session.

**Masking will be required to participate in this session**

In this session we will play the game The Quiet Year, a map-driven story telling game with no GM or character sheets. This map and the lore from the game will be used to play a game later in the con using a TBD system likely based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system.

Participation in both sessions is not required to play in either of them.