Friday Oct 14th to Sunday Oct 16th.
The Prophecy Is Fulfilled
An old-school dungeon crawl: get the treasure, don't fight the monsters
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An IntrigueCon rite of passage.

In the market square, a parchment is tacked up, it’s heading written in the neat letters of a Dwarf: HEIGH SKORS. These are the names of heroes who have braved the passages under the ruined church just ten miles North, and recovered treasures from the monsters within.

NF-Team               2790
Rice Krispiez 2357
Bon Jovials 1882
Woolen Ballers 1654
Suicidal Carousel* 1233
Goblhyn Slhyahrs* 1020
Bop-its 976
Taxpayers 920
Pan Dazders 886
Lumber Bumblers 647
* = intrigueCon adventure

It is said that there, in the tunnels, the Dwarves are building new halls, for some unknown purpose. But dog-headed heretics and cultists still contest the goblin-infested upper levels, and some sailors say that they have seen again a Dragon near that place again, five years after Kytheria the Black was slain. And somewhere, it's said—a door that opens into a cold hell, through which who-knows-what comes through.

The halls are marked by many, with warnings, boasts, and blood. Roll up a new character, or bring one from another old-school game this weekend! / map by Ser Cleve