IntrigueCon 11

Friday Oct 13th to Sunday Oct 15th.
Welcome to the Apocalypse
“Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.” ― Roger Zelazny, Prince of Chaos

The End of the World is a recurring concept found throughout many of the planet’s religions and mythologies.  Whether as Judgement Day from the Book of Revelations, the Norse Ragnarok, or the coming of Maitreya in Buddhism, the human fascination with eschatology continues to inspire us today.

The concept of a world-shattering apocalypse (with or without the rebuilding of society) is now common throughout fiction in a variety of flavours.  The Walking Dead, 12 Monkeys, and The Road fall on the more dramatic side while Shaun of the Dead and This is the End show that the collapse of civilization can be hilarious.  On the other side of the Pacific, kaiju films offer the Japanese version of this phenomenon. 

We hope that the Apocalypse can inspire our convention goers to create exciting adventures and new wrinkles on the End of the World.  Fascinate and terrify us!!

Meadowlark Community Hall
15961 92 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
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