Friday May 3rd to Saturday May 4th.
Klaatu barada nikto
Get rich or die trying
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An IntrigueCon rite of passage.

In the market square, a parchment is tacked up, it’s heading written in the neat letters of a Dwarf: HEIGH SKORS. These are the names of heroes who have braved the passages under the ruined church just ten miles North, and recovered treasures from the monsters within.

Bon Jovials 1882
Wollen Ballers 1654
Suicidal Carousel 1233
Team Awe-some 600
Team Pizza 400
Bon Jovials 240
Unknown company 152
Holey Rollers 30

It is said that there, in the tunnels, the Dwarves are building new halls, for some unknown purpose. But dog-headed heretics and cultists still contest the goblin-infested upper levels, and some sailors say that they have seen again a Dragon near that place again, five years after Kytheria the Black was slain. And somewhere, it's said—a door that opens into a cold hell, through which who-knows-what comes through.

The halls are marked by many, with warnings, boasts, and blood. Roll up a new character, or bring one from another old-school game this weekend! / map by Ser Cleve