Friday Oct 18th to Sunday Oct 20th.
I have set my life upon a cast, And I will stand the hazard of the die.
A Mission to the Stars
...This time we come in peace.
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Some dream the impossible dream, some people make the impossible reality ... then there's you, and it all comes down to you.

An interstellar space comedy about diplomacy, adventure, clear and obvious betrayal, and maybe even a little romance (I mean probably not romance, but maybe, but probably not, but y' know maybe...)

The Grand imperial Star Alliance has decided at long last that diplomacy is the order of the day. 

Stop me if you have heard this one. You are to seek out strange new worlds, new lifeforms, and civilizations, and proceed to approach them and work with them “diplomatically” to strategically evaluate and align the planets with the core principles of the Alliance.

For a safe, secure and prosperous galaxy.

You are the crew of the Alliance vessel, the Mercurial Savant. Led by Junior Ambassador, Imperial Princess, Stella Starshine the crew works tirelessly to bring the civilization and advancement of the Alliance to the distant and outlying Outer Rim Planets. As a member of the crew, you will be on the front lines of the future of the Alliances expansion. Meeting, helping, and recruiting the newest members of the Alliance. This may be your first Ambassadorial mission, but it probably won't be your last. With the Ambassadorial staff of the Imperial Star Alliance, you will see the galaxy, meet and befriend strange new races, and help expand the prosperous reach of the Alliance.

For a safe, secure and prosperous future, for our Galaxy.

Phobos 4 has sent a request. The planet is a rich trove of Densium, a necessary component for FTL (that means faster than light) drives. The planets rich deposits of natural minerals and resources make them a stellar candidate for Diplomatic assimilation. Get your crew together and be prepared adventure, diplomacy, and uh … adventure awaits.