Friday Oct 18th to Sunday Oct 20th.
I have set my life upon a cast, And I will stand the hazard of the die.
A Murder of Crows
A plague of crows terrorized a small town. Dig the dirt and solve the mystery.
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Experience a day in the life of a ragtag group of misfits in a prime time horror show.

Monster of the Week is a Powered By The Apocalypse story-telling game in which the players work with the GM to live out an episode of classic horror television and literary serials like Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  The Dresden Files and Doctor Who, and craft the world is takes place in.

In an original campaign written for IntrigueCon 2019, a ragtag group of acquaintances finds themselves embroiled in the mystery of a great plague of crows terrorizing a small rural town. They will experience intrigue, terror, and Murder most Fowl.

MOTW features simple character creation, and the game will start with a quick character creation and world-building session before we dive into the story. Character sheets will be provided by the Keeper, but can be previewed online ahead of session if you want a sneak peek. All you need to bring is 2 d6 dice and your wonderful self.