Friday Oct 18th to Sunday Oct 20th.
I have set my life upon a cast, And I will stand the hazard of the die.
A Friend in Need - Waterdeep Dragon Heist
One-Shot adventure hosted by the Dragons in Dungeons Meetup Group
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Found solace, you all have in the Yawning Portal, perhaps knocking back a pint of Shadowdark ale or wolfing down a plate of quipper and chips. Then the brawl started.

It was peacheful at the inn. Sort of. The sounds of gamblers yelling and drunken adventurers singing bawdy songs nearly drown out the off-key strumming of a young bard three tables over. Then all the noise is eclipsed by a shout. A seven-foot-tall half orc is hit by a wild, swinging punch from a male with shaved head and tattoos.

The brawl escalates, but your party steps in to settle the matter. A curious figure steps forward with floppy hat and silk scarf twirling his moustache. He introduces himself as Volo and asks for their help to find his kidnapped friend, Floon Blagmar. He offers you each ten dragons a piece and ten times more if successful.

Of course, you have no choice. You will rescue Floon for honor and treasure.