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The Ruins of Thundertree
A D&D 5E adventure for 2-6 characters
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Few people dare to venture into the ruins of Thundertree, which means there could be good money in doing so if you could find someone with both the gold and the desire to spend it on hiring adventurers. You are in luck, as you have made contact with such a person: Sildar Hallwinter in Phandalin.

This is one of the side quests from the Lost Mine of Phandelver book that comes with the starter set. Pre-gen characters will be available, probably level 5 or 6 depending on where my current home campaign ends (so it will a touch scaled up from the published version). Bring your own valid characters if you want, I am not picky as long as it's mostly PHB stuff and not some munchkiny BS mostly based on references I have not read. I run casual-friendly games, not stuff exclusively aimed at Forgotten Realms scholars or D&D turbonerds. I still encourage you to come play with us if you are one or both of those things, but do expect me to be a little fast-and-loose when it comes to rules and don't expect strict adherence to any of the FR lore in the adventure book or Greyhawk lore in the PHB. Fun and getting on with the game are more important at my table than anything a published book says.