Friday May 8th to Saturday May 9th.
They're coming to get you, Barbara.
Dread.. In Space! With memory issues. (Title may change)
Careful which block you pull. It may be the end if all the blocks fall.
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Dread.. In Space! With memory issues.

You are a crew on a mission, Find the lost Settlers ship: Freedoms Wings.

You wake up in your stasis pods, and you see a bloody smudge on the glass.   You lookout to the other pods, and your shipmates are all in shock, there are bloody smears on their pods as well.But you do not see a body.

You also do not remember who they are, But you do know why you are here, what your duties are, and the lay out of the ship.  That is all. You do not remember much about yourself. You know your name, and your ship skill.

During game play there will be blocks with humbers on them. Each number will correspond with a memory, which can be used to help with the mission and the mystery of the bloody smears.

I will be using the Dread system, but the theme itself is one I created.  There will be no sexual content in this game.