Saturday Oct 17th to Saturday Oct 17th.
This time ... it's virtual
We Are All Made of Stars.
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Nothing can stop us now...

The galaxy’s a wild and rough place.  The average citizen of any of the major galactic collectives can bury their heads in the day to day grind and get by, but that’s not enough for you!  No!  You’re gonna make it big, kid! The biggest!  You’re gonna be rich!  Powerful!  The money, the power, the schklees!  They’re all just waiting for some-entity with the guts to go out and grab them.  So grab your lightsaber, strap on your tricorder and spool up the FTL drive, it’s time to misbehave. 

This will be a light hearted sci-fi adventure largely in the spirit of fun and adventure.  You will play one member of a small, down-on-their-luck crew trying to get back in the black after a disastrous job and ride the momentum back up the the fame and fortune you’ve always dreamed of. 


For anyone familiar with my Fate games, this will be a repeat of the original scenario, I'll be saving advancing any storylines for the next in person intriguecon.