Saturday Oct 17th to Saturday Oct 17th.
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Ryuutama: Road to the Highland Games
A Miyazaki-inspired game of travel, friendship, discovery and wonder.
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Your group of traveling companions has learned of an exciting event in a nearby village. The Festival of the Highland Games brings competitors from across the land to compete for pride, bragging rights, and a princely sum in prize money. Now the long road to Heathertop Village stretches out before you. Can you reach the festival in time?

Ryuutama is a Japanese tabletop role-playing game, now translated into English.

Ryuutama calls itself a “Natural Fantasy RPG”. It is a fantasy role-playing game set in a western medieval-style setting. The conceit of this setting is that at one point, in everyone’s lives, people get this intense feeling of wanderlust. They put their daily lives on hold and travel the world with new-found companions. They find out more about the world, and at the same time learn about themselves.

Ryuutama emphasizes travel, exploration, community, friendship, harmony and growth. There is also a “Console RPG-like” combat system: But while combat certainly happens, it’s not the central focus of the game. Adventures usually involve traveling from one town to another, packing gear, crafting items, cooking and sharing along the way; getting lost, meeting people and (sometimes cute) monsters along the way; braving the elements and trying to set camp properly.

Ryuutama is a game that gives off a “feelgood”, or in Japanese, “Honobono” feel. The feeling of the game is like a Hayao Miyazaki anime: While there is adventure and excitement, there is also a warm sense of wonder, exploration, and companionship (versus an emphasis on violence and extreme action).

This game will be Rated G and will be curated to maintain a feelgood, family-friendly tone. We will also be using the X Card (created by John Stavropoulos) to help build a welcoming, inclusive and safe gaming experience for all.