Saturday Oct 17th to Saturday Oct 17th.
This time ... it's virtual
When the Long Night Comes.
In the Dark all they can hear are screams.
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You thought you were the heroes, brought here to save the day, but maybe your wrong, maybe you're just prey.

You are the young members of the training ship Venatori, commissioned by The United Coalition of Systems, a Galactic alliance dedicated to peace justice, and mutual aid. Made up of members of various races as Patrol Cadets you will one day crew a vessel and use your gifts to help people all across the galaxy. 

It was supposed to be a training mission, a simple exercise to teach you your possible roles, protocol and how to deal with situations in space. The mission was a glorified shakedown cruise. Head out the edge of the expanse, drop off some supplies, pick up a few things and head back. 

At the edge of the expanse, a distress call comes from a small planetoid. A hospital ship has lost power and crashed to the surface. The crew and passengers are stranded with no hope for escape. The nearest Coalition vessel is days away at best speed. The injured and sick just cannot wait that long. 

What was supposed to be a simple milk run has become something more. Something troubling. The one thing the distress call didn't say is that this planet is dark, with nights that last a week. Something in the night is hunting, something in the dark is coming, and if you are not fast enough or strong enough, whatever is out in the darkness is going to consume you all.

Game will be run via video conferencing software, Link will be provided on the Intrigue Con Discord, the day of, and Playbooks will be provided via a link in the in game chat.