Friday Oct 18th to Sunday Oct 20th.
I have set my life upon a cast, And I will stand the hazard of the die.
Session 1
7pm to 11pm

Monsterhearts 2

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Sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles

The shadows hold monsters. You know because you’re one of them. Wickedness dwells within your heart, hunger courses through your veins. High school weighs on you and teen drama puts you on edge, but you have power. What do you do next?

Monsterhearts 2 lets you create stories about sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles. When you play, you explore the terror and confusion of having a body that is changing without your permission.

This game is powered by the Apocalypse World engine. It draws inspiration from Twilight, Buffy, Ginger Snaps, The Vampire Diaries, and The Craft.

Expect supernatural hijinks, the best/worst of high school, queer content, and so much more.

Monsterhearts 2 is rules-light and doesn't require any previous experience. Reference sheets will be provided! Bring a pair of d6s if you'd like. Character creation is done as a group at the beginning of the session.


Safe Hearts, a guide to navigating boundaries and vulnerability in Monsterhearts:

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