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The Bonewall Keep

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In and ancient valley new blood is spilled.

Nobody foolish enough to get lost beyond the Bonewall is ever found.

The barkeep cocked the most amazed brow. “The Bonewall Keep? It is on this last road that you now travel. You will need to pass through Eltheun Forest, folks there keep to themselves and won’t impede you. Beyond that, the Wall and the Keep. I went up there once as a youth. What a splendid spire that looms over the forest. I will never forget such a testament to the old builders. Your Lord Master is fortunate to have inherited its right to rule for it is a grandeur not otherwise found in these highlands. But then there are the swamplands that lie past the wall. They do not accommodate. They haunt. They stalk and snare and drown. No merchants travel that ancient way anymore. None here are that foolish.” As he filled the cups again the barkeep revealed concern and worry upon his brow. “But here now enjoy the fruits of your labour. For it is your good Lord Master’s rare berries that you now enjoy.” He raised his own glass to drink and found a smile to go with it. “Welcome then to the Vale of Greywood. Your journey to the Bonewall Keep is but complete.”