Friday Oct 15th to Sunday Oct 17th.
Every good adventure starts with a bad idea
Session 5
10am to 3pm

Ancestors of a Small Town. (New or Continued)

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You wake up in a strange town on Halloween Day, now you have to find out Where you are and Why?

College Students thrown into a mystery in an abandoned town. Is this related to who they are? Can you survive to find out?

You have heard rumors that your family is cursed, but have never been able to get any information from your famiily. You know your Great Grandparents came from a small town, but all accounts have been errased to which one.

You know other college Students from your city also came from Similar backgrounds, but all your families keep a tight lip. Each year you are asked to come home for Halloween to celebrate, But this year you needed to stay at the Dorm to get class work done on a major project, not to mention the huge rager that is happening Halloween Night.

You fall asleep on what your family suspiciously calls Devil's Night. Waking up, you are not in your bed, there is dust in the air you can see it in the beam of light coming from the window. You go over to the window and stare out into an abandoned street. Looking up, your eyes meet anothers, with the same dismay and disbalief in them as you feel. You pick up your back pack and walk downstairs to go outside.

Your characters will be determined at the begining of the game, you will be given a sheet with questions to create a Character. Together we will unravel the mystery of where you are? Why you are here? And If you will survive.

Dread is a horror/suspnse RPG game using blocks as the mechanic to create suspense and the story as we go.