Friday Oct 15th to Sunday Oct 17th.
Every good adventure starts with a bad idea
Session 2
10am to 2pm

Trouble in the Harbour

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Trouble, zombie, evil, tower, necromancer

Hordes of undead rise from an old tower near the port town of Balsam Harbour. Players must uncover the secrets locked with and put the dead to rest.

Characters traveling through a rural port town encounter the scared townsfolk that are being terrorized by the dead.  An old tower holds the clues to the stirring evil.  Some say it is work of a mad priest or a vile mecromancer.  

For 7th to 9th level characters. Pre-generated characters available. Players may bring a standard adventurers league character of 8th level to play. Characters will be given one uncommon permanent magic item, and two uncommon perishable magic items. Non-sanctioned.