Friday May 6th to Saturday May 7th.
The Return of the Spring
Session 3
2:30pm to 6:30pm

Out of the House of Ashes (Zalozhniy Quartet Part 2)

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Superspies try to sneak a retired KGB officer out from under the fangs of a vampire in Vienna

Having foiled Rasputin in Odessa, UNIT (United Nations task force for International Terrorism) is now attempting to extract former KGB officer and descendant of one of the Knight's Templar Arkady Shevlenko from Vienna. Hopefully they don't lose him to the vampires.

Vampires are real.  You know it.  You're team knows it.  UNIT knows it.  They don't dare tell anyone else.  Who would believe them.  

A special team of agents recently took out a secret facility in Odessa that was operated by the known vampire Dr Dorjiev, AKA Rasputin.  In doing so, they accidentally rescued Annya Shevlenko, a former FSB agent and granddaughter of Arkady Shevlenko.  

During her debriefing with the officers of UNIT, she revealed that her grandfather was the KGB agent in charge of handling the Kim Philby case.  Yes, that Kim Philby.  The KGB agent who worked as the MI6 liason with the CIA during the Cold War.  It turns out he was actually attempting to coordinate anti vampire activities amongst the three nations without any of them finding out.  Kim Philby was secretly a member of the Knight's Templar, as was Arkady Shevlenko.  That order has apparently been working in opposition to the vampires ever since it was formed.


Now Arkady is trying to escape with information that is critical in the war against the vampires.  An international trade conference in Vienna is being held this week and Arkady is attempting to use it to evade his FSB handlers.  We want you to extract him with minimal disturbance.  Do not trigger an international incident.  This has to be plausibly deniable.


Be careful.  Rasputin is reportedly in the area, along with a vampire by the name of Simon Thonradel.  He is a French aristocrat who will be at the conference.  They are both very dangerous and will be looking to stop you and claim Arkady for themselves.  We don't know if they are working together or not.  


Note:  Participation in Part 1 not required.  Pregens will be provided.  Rules summaries will be provided.  They are also on the Pelgrane Press website.  Required equipment:  pencil,  one d6.  


Please put in session 2 if possible.  I cannot GM session 4.