Friday May 6th to Saturday May 7th.
The Return of the Spring
Session 1
7pm to 11pm

The Quarry

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No risk, no reward!

The air here, once thick with dust and the ring of steel on stone, hangs silent. The abandoned quarry far below you, now a mist-shrouded puncture wound in the Earth that roils with unknown menace.

Doom arrived in this place through a hole like a thousand others struck in the quarry wall. From it though a sinuous mist issued forth settling like a caul that blocked the sun’s rays, and afflicted the Quarryfolk with a terrible consumption. 

At first, masons piled rocks to plug the widening rent but to no avail, the mist’s tendrils seeped through the smallest gaps and crumbled the mortar set to bar its way.

For a time the quaryfolk persevered, but surrounded by a clutching mist, and constant illness, your dangerous jobs turned deadly and, one by one, people departed leaving only the most desperate and unskilled. 

Attracted by the promise of a generous reward from the quarry owner, adventurers, mystics, and scholars entered the mist seeking to banish its presence from the quarry. None were successful. The few who  returned were consumed by a rheumy putrescence and spoke of encountering myriad fungal colonies.

Now though, with your family starving, and no prospect of work before winter, desperation has driven you to brave the mist. Gathering any able-bodied Quarryfolk, you have resolved to vanquish the mist and claim the quarry owner’s reward.