Friday May 6th to Saturday May 7th.
The Return of the Spring
Session 3
2:30pm to 6:30pm

Wrath and Glory

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A Galaxy of Adventure

Recharge your laspacks and pass the bolter rounds.

Imperial bastion under siege and imperial forces stretched to the brink on all fronts. Chaos and demons invading. Through some miraculously accurate or mistaken calculations a hole has been blown into enemy lines. This hodge podge of what ever warriors are in the area have been given the order to advance the gap in the line and assassinate any leader figures they find. 
This world is old and full of ancient vaults of tech and power some lost to time others already pillaged of secrets.
Characters will be pre generated at tier 2 so that the characters can have some weight to them. I will offer everyone a chance to pick their own character.