Friday Apr 28th to Saturday Apr 29th.
The Spring
Session 2
10am to 1:30pm

Starlight Kingdom - A Brindlewood Bay Mystery

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The lights are on and nobody's home

Murder Mavens are on the case again and need your help

The Murder Mavens are a group of elderly woman who meet every Saturday night on the top floor of The Candlelight Booksellers store.  Since their partners have passed and their kids have left the nest, the ladies are enjoying their golden years in the pretty town of Brindlewood Bay. The Mavens share a love for mystery novels, particulary the ones written by Robin Masterson which feature detective Amanda Delacourt who's a world travelling super sleuth.  Using those stopries as their inspiration, The Mavens have become amateur detectives themselves aiding the local police by solving high profile crimes.  Much to the exasperation of the local police department, occasionally the Mavens will stumble upon a case and sometimes a case is brought to them by the locals.  

Overhearing rumors at the local grocery store, The Mavens have become concerned about stories from parents who say their children have started sleepwalking and are being found outside on their front lawns.  When questioned, all the childen can remember is the flashing lights and sounds of an amusement park.  The only amusement park for miles is Starlight Kingdom, which many townsfolk believed was abandoned years ago?

It's time to dust off your magnifying glass, grab your notebook and join the Murder Mavens on their newest investigation to fiind out what's happening at Starlight Kingdom.


Tools: Pencil and (3) 6 sided dice (bring more dice if you have a tendancy to drop them like me)

Pregen characters will be provided with an oppurtunity to add your own flavour.

Safety Tools: This game touches on plot material that may be sensitive to some.  While the sense of danger is encouraged, we'll have a discussion prior to starting to ensure players lines are noted.