Friday Apr 28th to Saturday Apr 29th.
The Spring
Session 2
10am to 1:30pm

The Tower on the Sea

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Based on a dream and a hope.

A Mysterious tower on the coast has suddenly opened unknown doors, who knows what might lay within.

All across the world there are ruins, relics of innumerable civilizations and peoples that succumbed to the relentless marching of time.  Some of these are grand and mysterious things, poured over by scholars and scrutinized by adventurers.  Others are simple humble things, little more than a part of the backdrop for the ordinary people who live near them. 

The fishing hamlet of Samonriif always thought about the old tower on the rock as a simple old pile of stones. Being built atop the sheer cliffs at the inlet it was inaccessible for as long as anyone could tell, the waves throw boats and swimmers who try to get too close upon the unyielding stone.  The curious few who try to scale the stone and explore the tower return in failure, usually with a few bruises for the trouble, once in a while they may not come back at all.

But now something has changed, a week ago a light appeared atop the broken summit of the tower, like a signal fire but a mysterious wavering blue, and a tranquil cove appeared at the base of the cliff that the experienced fisherfolk of the village are sure could not exist there.  The fisherfolk of Samonriif have avoided the tower, and sent word of the strange occurrence to the local market town where it has come to the attention of the Pathfinder Society. 

On short notice the Society has rounded up a number of members and asked them to investigate this strange occurrence, who knows what might be in such a mysterious location, but it’s sure to be something worthy of study.