Friday Oct 13th to Sunday Oct 15th.
Welcome to the Apocalypse
Session 5
10am to 2pm

The Milk Snake Run

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Post-apocalyptic Pirates fighting Industrialized Undead on a Train

In the middle of post-apocalyptic alberta, in the sleepy town of Bruce, your plucky band of pirates need to get the train to go from your trainyards and get it to the ranch, even if Industrial Undead want you to not do so.

You have managed to get the Baroness and the Boreal Buccaneers to talk and are riding the big
train to Milk Snake Ranch to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, the Corpseman have woken up and are now looking to kill your party before you get there.

Can your plucky band at boreal Buccaneers get the train through?

A Hodgepocalypse adventure using a varient of 5e dungeons and dragons.

For a group of 4-5 pcs at about 7th level.

Will give out prebuilds for the game.

Warning, expect to talk like a pirate.