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Daniel Hodges
I'm Daniel, one half of the Daniels that organise the con. I like playing and writing games. You can look at them at www.hazardgaming.com if you like.

Right now, further from home than you've ever been.
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There’s nothing civil about this war.

Clones, once the backbone of the military, have proved unreliable and inefficient. so, once again, it’s the common folk given the choice to die here and now with their family, or fight and die alone in far off places.

So that's why you, and a couple of squads of “highly trained” recruits, find yourself strapped into a shuttle plummeting towards the surface of another sand-covered backwater. You're supposed to recover some plans somebody couldn’t be bothered to keep an eye on. Apparently they’re for some kind of super weapon, like the galaxy needs new, bigger, ways to kill things.A red light flashes overhead and inside your helmet you hear the pilot’s voice rattle around, “Hang on, it’s going to be a rough one.”

Aren’t they all…