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Daniel Hodges
I'm Daniel, one half of the Daniels that organise the con. I like playing and writing games. You can look at them at www.hazardgaming.com if you like.

Sailors on a Starless Sea
Beginning player friendly, beginning character... um... did I say beginning roleplayers were welcome?
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.Let's make a few heroes and create some stories to tell at dinner parties

Mysterious disappearances and abductions under cover of darkness have turned the once idyllic Wharton's Grove into a place of fear and suspicion.

Veterans of the Chaos War say that an evil,  once vanquished, has reawakened in the nearby keep.  They say the village will never be safe until someone or something finishes what they were unable to do thirty years ago. Of course, back then, the Grove was a large trading hub, not the backwater the New King's Road has made it now.  Willing soldiers and hale and hearty young folk young folk were more than ready to prove themselves against the brothers Molan and Felan and their minions of the Chaos gods.

Now, as you stand on the causeway to the south of the ruins and look around, you see are a collection of ill-equipped villagers filled with fear but galvanised by the knowledge that they have chosen to face death head on rather than wait for it to come for them in the night.

The keep ahead of you squats atop a low, craggy hill, its walls of toppled stone and massive granite blocks hinting at forgotten battles and the clash of mighty armies. Now the ruins seem host only to creeping vines and the foul miasma that drifts down from the keep.

The air is overrun with pestilence. Fat flies bite at you incessantly, and clouds of small black insects choke your every breath. The long-abandoned land is choked with thorny vines that drape the sickly trees and hang from the ruined walls. There is an odor of rot and decay, as if the hill itself were decomposing from within.

A sight gives you pause: a ragged banner, depicting a crimson toad on a black field, stands high atop the ruined walls. Whatever lurks within has terrorized you and your village for far too long.

You turn to your companions and ready your meager weapons. The time for retribution has come.