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Daniel Hodges
I'm Daniel, one half of the Daniels that organise the con. I like playing and writing games. You can look at them at www.hazardgaming.com if you like.

Angel Scar Lode
True gold fears no fire.
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Angel Scar Wyoming 1885. A small town off the main trunk line.

Lately the signs had become writ large: the lode’s all but played out. Folks with the gift of foresight had started gatherin’ up their few possessions, and covered wagons had become in short supply.

A few weeks ago though, a rumour started bubbling up that put pause to those pulling up stakes: there’s a skull on the way into town. And not just any skull neither,  William Randolph Hearst himself, hands-on President of Hearst, Haggin, Tevis and Co., and a man with a nose for gold and the know-how to extract it from the leanest seams.

Things might just be looking up for Angel Scar after all. And maybe this Randolph Hearst character won’t just save the mine he’ll also be able to shed some light on some of the other stuff going on like the murders, earthquakes, and packs of rabid animals.